Using mobile first design based on real customer usage analytics, Templ Media develops customer-focused web, social and email marketing solutions to ensure your customers achieve the goals you set for them, resulting in more engaged customers, longer term customer relationships and better sales.

Ready for a little salvation?

Two brothers sought to scale the summit of all knowledge. The brother who left first sought a variety of experience, wending his way towards the peak, seeing all that life could offer. The second brother took the direct path towards the top, focused on his path. Circumstance united them just below the summit and they agreed to travel the rest of way together. And, it was here, within sight of the peak, that they built their temple in recognition that there is always further to go.

Simple: you want your online marketing to deliver results. Whether it’s generating leads, selling product, building awareness, or something else entirely, you have a goal for your online presence. We’ll bring harmony and consistency to all your online properties, be they web, mobile, app-based, social, email or any combination thereof. We’ll use data and learning gleaned from these media to understand your customers and why they are (or, more likely, aren’t) responding how you want online and how to improve that response. And, we’ll do it for a reasonable cost that fits within your budget.

Gerry began his career in marketing and managerial positions within the Entertainment industry. A graduate of the internationally acclaimed Stratford Chefs School, he then cooked his way across the continent before discovering and indulging his passion for web design. After completing a post-graduate program at George Brown College's School of Design, he went on to teach in their Advanced Digital Design and Game Design programs. A zealot with regard to usability, Gerry has gone on to construct web solutions for a myriad clients in a profusion of industries. And, his meatloaf is to die for.

Nick has built websites and online applications for higher education, sports management, manufacturing, health services, and independent professionals. He’s an analytics wizard, consistently finding the details in usage tracking that lead to important site improvements. He’s also been a grill cook and, to this day, grills one helluva burger.

Mobile First

Mobile design can’t be an afterthought. Ten years ago, businesses began to understand that the web was the medium of first impression. Today, that medium is mobile. Mobile devices already outsell PCs and people are using them more and more as their primary internet device. We’ve all be annoyed with the sites that force you to pinch and zoom to see the content or click a link. Mobile first design streamlines your site, making it more useful and intuitive for mobile and desktop customers.

Email Marketing

It’s easy to ignore email marketing. It’s not glamorous like social media and it’s so easy to turn off potential customers with tone-deaf or ill-timed email. Yet, it’s still the best way to engage with customers and it generates exponential returns on investment. We’ll guide your email marketing program so it doesn’t go wrong. In fact, we’ll make sure it’s right as rain.

Social Branding

“We need to be on social media.” Yes, probably… but why? What is your goal for being there. More importantly, who will respond to your customers when they inevitably engage with you there. What will your policy be for dealing with complaints or, worse yet, trolls? Are you prepared to confront bad news as well as promote good news? Am I asking too many questions? So, too, will your customers if you do social right. And, doing social right means answering every one of them.

Analytics-Based Development

Web design is the most measurable form of design, yet too few web designers build sites based on design trends, not usage patterns. Using deep reviews of your analytics, customer surveys, usability and A/B testing, we evaluate what works and what doesn’t on your website and design solutions to improve customer response. And, launching of any solution is just the beginning. We use weekly top-line usage summaries and monthly analytics reports to ensure your customers continue to achieve the goals you set for them.

Organic Search Optimization

No link farms or invisible text here. No snake oil, either. Just keyword rich content and semantic code. We do the basics: meta tags, link text, image optimization. We also find creative ways to increase your link popularity. But, ultimately, nothing beats quality content that keeps customers on your site and buying your goods and services. We deliver that.

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